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The wet-laid non-woven fabric produced by our company is mainly used for the base fabric ( composite non-woven fabric, activated carbon etc) of the supporting layer material in the air purification industry, also known as the non-woven fabric of the aggregate , which is suitable for automobile air conditioning , central air conditioning and household air purificationLarge-scale indoor cleaning and other fields,with its excellent breathability and discount performance to replace foreign products.

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production of non-woven aggregate
The first domestic technology
Wet-laid production technology
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qualified wet-laid non-woven fabric

Advantages and disadvantages of non-woven wallpaper
January 25, 2021

Is the non-woven wallpaper good? The advantages and disadvantages of non-woven wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper products originated in Europe, popular from France, is the latest and most environmentally friendly material. It is also called non-woven fabric because it uses the non-woven technology in w

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Types of non-woven fabrics
January 22, 2021

According to application requirements, non-woven fabrics are divided into two categories: disposable application type and durable type.According to the production process:1. Spunlace non-woven fabric: The spunlace process sprays high-pressure fine water onto one or more layers of fiber webs to entan

The difference between air filter and air conditioning filter
January 20, 2021

Difference 1: different locationsAir filter position: Open the front hood of the vehicle, usually in the direction facing the right side of the engine, just use a screwdriver to open the fixing screw on the air filter box, and you can see the air filter.Air conditioning filter location: Open the sto

Advantages and disadvantages of non-woven fabrics
January 18, 2021

Non-woven fabrics are composed of oriented or random fibers to form a web structure, which is then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. The fibers used in the production of non-woven fabrics are mainly polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET). In addition, there are nylon (PA

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