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The wet-laid non-woven fabric produced by our company is mainly used for the base fabric ( composite non-woven fabric, activated carbon etc) of the supporting layer material in the air purification industry, also known as the non-woven fabric of the aggregate , which is suitable for automobile air conditioning , central air conditioning and household air purificationLarge-scale indoor cleaning and other fields,with its excellent breathability and discount performance to replace foreign products.

Independent R&D
production of non-woven aggregate
The first domestic technology
Wet-laid production technology
First-class quality

qualified wet-laid non-woven fabric

Non-woven Material Products

Non-woven fabric, knitted fabric and woven fabric
October 23, 2020

1. Woven fabricWoven fabric is a fabric in which the yarns of two systems (or directions) are perpendicular to each other and interwoven in a regular manner. The basic organization is the simplest and most basic organization among all kinds of organizations, and it is the foundation of various chang

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Detailed introduction of non-woven fabric use
October 21, 2020

Detailed introduction of non-woven fabric useFurniture decoration materials Furniture decoration materials mainly refer to furniture inner and outer wrapping cloth, covering decoration cloth, table cloth, table cloth, etc. At present, non-woven fabrics have largely replaced traditional jute c

The surface coating (non-woven fabric) of diapers: How much do you know about
October 20, 2020

Babies have dignity, and dignity needs to be respected from an early age, and not leaking ass is one of them.This kind of thorny problem brings great convenience to the mothers, and does not need to change frequently, the baby can sleep until dawn, and the adults relax a lot.Therefore, before teachi

Are hot-rolled non-woven fabrics and hot-air non-woven fabrics one thing
October 19, 2020

Hot air non-woven fabric belongs to a kind of hot air bonding (hot rolling, hot air) non-woven fabric. Hot-air non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric produced by combing fibers and using hot air on drying equipment to penetrate the fiber web and heat it. Hot air bonding refers to the use of h

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