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What is polyester non-woven fabric and its role

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Polyester non-woven fabric, also known as geotextile, is a water-permeable geosynthetic material made of synthetic fibers by needle punching or weaving. The finished product is cloth, generally 4-6 meters wide and 50-100 meters long. Polyester non-woven fabrics have excellent filtration, isolation, reinforcement and protection, high tensile strength, good permeability, high temperature resistance, freezing resistance, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance.

1. Polyester non-woven fabric is the golden partner of the drainage board, which plays the role of filtering water and covering the soil layer. The colors are generally black, yellow, white, gray, etc. Minimum size: width; 2 meters, length 100 meters.non woven fiberglass manufacturers - Jiatecairfilter

2. Polyester non-woven products are non-woven geotextiles reinforced by continuous polyester filaments. The tensile strength is ≥8KNm, and the elongation rate is 40-60%, which fully meets the requirements of Jr/To1g98 (road industry synthetic materials). Technical requirements for geotextiles in application technical specifications).

3. The polyester non-woven fabric has a moderate thickness and strong immersion asphalt ability. It combines with dry layer oil to form an ideal isolation layer, which has good waterproof and thermal insulation effects.

4. Polyester non-woven products have anti-ultraviolet, cold and freezing resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and biological damage resistance.

5. Polyester non-woven products are developed for pavement, and have a unique patent for single-sided and double-sided singeing. When laying, the rough singeing surface is facing up, which can not only improve the bonding force between the surface layer and the interlayer, but also prevent During construction, it is rolled up by the wheels and damaged, and at the same time, it can restrain the vehicle and the pusher from slipping on the cloth.

6. Polyester non-woven products are made of 100% polyester. The melting point of polyester is above 260 °C, and no obvious shrinkage occurs below 230 °C. Choosing poly non-woven products can avoid high temperature when laying hot asphalt surface. Potential heat shrinkage of upper and lower fabrics.

Non-woven polyester fiber cloth is a kind of fabric formed without spinning and weaving. It is used for construction and roof waterproofing as the base cloth.

The exact name should be "nonwoven", or "nonwoven". Because it is a kind of fabric that does not need spinning and weaving, it just orients or randomly arranges textile staple fibers or filaments to form a web structure, which is then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods. Non-woven fabrics break through the traditional textile principles, and have the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide use, and many sources of raw materials.

Industrial non-woven fabrics: filter materials, insulating materials, cement packaging bags, geotextiles, covering fabrics, etc.

Polyester non-woven fabric: mainly used in construction, roof waterproofing as the base fabric, with sand, cement, etc. attached to it to prevent sand leakage. Non-woven fabrics are often used in construction as a measure to prevent cracks.

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