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Washable Metal Mesh Filter With Aluminum Frame


The metal mesh filter has low resistant, large dust capacity, its aluminum frame and media effectively captures dirt and dust particles from the air stream for industrial exhaust fans, heaters, and make up air units.Be mainly used to filter big dust and insect which larger 10um


Product Description

1) Application: High temperature resistance Filter dust, used in the high temperature environment, pre-filter through air filter system.

2) Type: plank metal mesh pre-filter

3) Frame: Galvanized iron, stainless steel or aluminum alloy frame

4) Media: Multi-level structure, can increase the filtering area

5) Protect mesh: Aluminum or stainless steel mesh  

6) Average arrestance: 65%-70% (ASHRAE52.1-1992)

7) Final resistance: (suggest) 100Pa-200Pa

8) Max. air flow : 125% of the rated air flow

9) Temp. Resistance: 300°C


The main filtering structure of the metal mesh air filter is made of multi-layer aluminum foil or stainless steel mesh, the frame is also made of aluminum profile, which can withstand up to 300°C. Therefore, in addition to the pre-filter of the central air-conditioning system, the metal mesh air filter is also suitable for ventilation filtration in acidic or high environments.

Metal mesh air filters are widely used in semiconductor or circuit board production, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, heavy or precision industry, hospitals, research and other environments with high air quality standards.

It is widely used as the protective pre-filtration in central air conditioning system of household, commerce and industry

1、 Air conditioning system and equipment.

2、 Fire retardant metal dust screen for power equipment.

3、 Clean filter system and equipment filter metal dust screen.

4、 Primary effect primary filtered metal dust screen of fresh air air purification system and equipment.

5、 Dust screen of cooling equipment.

6、 Oil smoke mist purification system and equipment smoke filter metal mesh.

7、 Metal purification filter screen of waste gas treatment cabinet.

8、 The waste gas is recycled to the metal filter of formaldehyde deodorizer.

9、 Dust collection equipment metal dust removal filter screen.

10、Other cabinet equipment and pipeline metal dust filter, etc.


Metal mesh air filters adopt multi-layer expanded aluminum foil mesh or stainless steel mesh and the metal mesh is pressed into undulations and intersect each other at appropriate angles, so that when the air passes through the filter, the flow direction is changed multiple times and the filtration efficiency is improved.

Metal meshes are arranged from thick to fine according to density and pore size, thus increasing the dust collection capacity and filtration efficiency. The initial resistance is lower than 20Pa.

Both aluminum mesh and stainless steel mesh are safe, strong and resistant to high temperatures and can be applied in high temperature environments up to 300°C.

Full-metal filter media can be cleaned and reused and maintenance is easy. If used for long periods of time, the cost can be significantly reduced.