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The use and contribution of non-woven handbags

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The long-term use and waste of polyethylene plastic bags in daily life have brought great harm to the earth's resources and the environment; the wide promotion and application of non-woven handbags have contributed to the green environment and society!

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The composition of the portable non-woven bag is composed of non-woven polypropylene material, and the plastic bag is a polyethylene raw material; although its name is similar, the molecular structure of polyethylene has a very strong stability and is extremely difficult to resolve; while the polypropylene molecule chain is easy to dissolve and proceed to the next environmental cycle.

Non-woven handbags are widely used in business, shopping, and advertising. A beautiful non-woven handbag can not only be used as a packaging bag for goods, but its exquisite and beautiful appearance is more attractive and can be reused in people’s daily lives. Life portable shopping bags can reduce the harm of plastic bag waste to the green environment, and the company's advertisements and slogans can be printed on the non-woven handbags of commodity packaging, which can bring advertising effects and also bring business opportunities to the company.

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What benefits and contributions has the widespread use of portable non-woven bags brought to society?

The plastic bag is thin and easily damaged. If it is to be strong, it will inevitably cost more. Usually it will be discarded after one purchase;

The issuance of the plastic restriction order and the widespread use of non-woven handbags have effectively solved these problems; their firmness and resistance to damage, washable and reusable, and long service life have effectively solved the proliferation of plastic bags and environmental hazards!

The wide range of uses and social contributions of portable non-woven bags have greatly reduced the pressure of transforming polyethylene plastic bags to benefit the society, protect the environment, and care for our beautiful homes. Its potential value is not a substitute for money.

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