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The three most common air filters

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Formaldehyde air filter

Anti-virus Nonwoven Fabrics-Jiatecairfilter

In addition to formaldehyde air filter is a filter specially used to filter formaldehyde. Usually it can not be used alone. It must be installed in other equipment to filter and absorb formaldehyde in the air. In addition to the high-efficiency absorption of formaldehyde, some composite high-efficiency de-formaldehyde filters can also filter out other volatile organic compounds in an instant, and effectively filter allergens and bacteria.

HEPA high efficiency filter

HEPA high-efficiency filter is an internationally recognized high-efficiency filter material. According to its unique fiber structure, it integrates HEPA filter through high-efficiency control of microbial bacteriostatic processing fiber. It has a diameter of 0.3 micron (1/200 of hair diameter). The particle removal efficiency can reach more than 99.7%, and it is the most effective filter medium for pollutants such as smoke, dust and bacteria.

Humidifying filter

The humidification filter is designed with a unique "round construction" + "back mesh construction" and a perfect "inclined 0 degree new air flow", which significantly increases the air volume, and absorbs indoor dust, bacteria and odors. The rapid speed is eliminated, the effect of air purification and disinfection is achieved, and the air purification capability is significantly improved.

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