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Panel Primary-efficiency Air Filter


The filter grades of the primary air filter include G1, G2, G3, G4, GN, GT and other filter grades. Our company also provides non-standard custom-made primary air filters of different specifications. Primary-efficiency air filters are generally used in primary filtration of air conditioning systems, pre-filtration of multi-stage filtration systems, return air filtration of clean rooms, and pre-filtration of local high-efficiency filtration devices.


Product description:

Using high-quality, high-performance filter materials, large filter area, large flow, large dust capacity, small resistance, high efficiency, light weight, compact structure, easy installation, and reliable sealing. long lasting.

It is suitable for primary pre-filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems, second season air filtration and clean rooms of general air systems, and air purification in high temperature environments. It is especially suitable for purification plants that require high efficiency air filter coverage.

Used in power, bioengineering, electronics, metallurgy, instrumentation, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, tobacco, light industry, aerospace and other fields.



Media:air filter cotton media with metal mesh




Filtration class:G2,G3,G4


Product Advantage

Jiaxin air Filters use high quality filter element to trap the airborne dust and dirt, including particles as small as a grain of sand and provide longer lasting engine protection.



1.High Quality Control air filter

2.Rapidly delivery

3.Sufficient capacity supply of air filter

4.Customer's Designs and Logos on air filter boxes are welcome

5.Favorable price of air filter

6.Vireaty of Designs are allowed

7.Small Order of air filter are Acceptable

8. air filter OEM Accepted

9.large dust holding capacity

10.environmental and easy recovery

11.Low initial pressure drop, long lifetime

12.Various thickness available:5mm,10mm,15mm,18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 46mm, 96mm, etc.


Application: commercial and industrial, pre-filter air conditioning systems, stable performance. Clean room fresh air conditioning system. Automobile industry. Hotels, office buildings.

1.heavy and metal industry

2.Chemical plants

3.Pharmaceutical and food industry

4.Gas trubo and Co-generation utility plants

5.Paint spray plants


7.Air ventilation system