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Nonwoven Activated Carbon Air Filter Media

Activated carbon fabric has the strong capacity of absorbing odor, powder and inorganic gas.


Activated Carbon Filter Media specification

                                   JAC-430 Activated Carbon Filter Media Technical Parameter Table
JAC-430 Mass per unit   area 430+40g/㎡ JB5374-1991
Thickness 1.8+0.2mm ISO9073-2-1989
Air permeability ≧1200   L/㎡.S GB/T5454
Tensile strength ≧90   N/5cm ISO9073-4-1989
Efficiency 50%@0.3um EN1822-3-1998
Resistance ≈7Pa EN1822-3-1998
Material Polyester,activated   carbon,meltblown /


1.High efficiency

2.Low resistance  

3.light weight and easy pleated

4.Material safe, non-toxic and odorless

5.Different color and size available for all types of air filter


Air purifier and Cabin filter.

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