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Non-woven filter media materials

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Six types of processes for making non-woven filter media materials. The method of manufacturing filter media mainly depends on the type of filtration required. There are six main methods, as follows:

●Carding method

The filter media of the carding machine is traditionally used for masks and filtering edible oil, coolant oil, and milk. Usually resin or thermal bonding is used, and this method is in some cases replaced by other methods described below.

● Wet-laid methodportable air cleaner hepa suppliers - Jiatecairfilter

Wet and wet filter media are used in swimming pool filters, coffee filters and high-efficiency particulate air filters. Their production process is similar to that of papermaking. On standard papermaking equipment, a mixture of man-made, natural or glass fiber short fibers forms a paper-like medium.

● Melt blown method

Melt blown filter media is ideal for filtering particulates such as dust, asbestos, and smoke. This is a common type of filter in respirators and is easy to mass produce. It is formed without the use of fibers: instead, molten polymer is blown into a microporous mesh.

● Spunbond method

Spunbond filter media is lightweight and can be used for air and liquid filtration. Just like melt-blown media, they do not need to use fibers, but are spun together from nylon, polyester or polypropylene. In addition, they are light weight and heat resistant.

● Needle-punched

The manufacture of needle-punched filter media is a mechanical process that involves the use of barbed needles to locate and interlock the fibers in the spunbond or carded web. The three-dimensional structure of the pinhole filter media is an ideal filter for capturing particles on the surface and inside. This is a commonly used type of filtration to clean, for example, influent and sewage.

● Compound method

Non-woven composite is a process in which multiple layers of non-woven materials and polymers are bonded into a composite material that combines the properties of each layer using different technologies. In the process of manufacturing filter media, stratification is ideal for heating, cooling, and ventilating homes, buildings, and automobiles.

Compared with other methods, the process of compounding filter media has many obvious advantages. After compounding, the material will become:

● Can withstand the disinfection and cleaning of strong chemicals;

● Good high temperature stability;

● Wear resistance and long life;

● It can be easily made into a variety of porosity, weight and thickness;

● Waterproof, breathable and soft;

● It has a wide range of uses and can be used for any filtering needs;

● Low production cost.

No matter what type of filter media you need, it is important to consider the cost of production, the ease of manufacturing, and the specific characteristics of the final product. Non-woven fabrics have been proven to be a multifunctional material that can be used to make filter media, which can be used in any occasion and any field in the filtration industry, whether it is to filter water, air, blood, oil or other substances.

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