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Non-woven fabric of JR flame retardant series


Factory direct sales Flame retardant

high temperature resistant non-woven fabric 

Flame retardant skeleton 

air purifier flame retardant filter material

Uses: Meltblown support layer / air filter / air conditioner filter element / air filter paper / filter screen / high stiffness / discount resistance / high air permeability / strong tensile force / fine filtration efficiency / flame retardant medical and sanitary cloth Use cloth for specific occasions where the working environment temperature is high and flame retardant requirements are required.

Features: Flame retardant fabric refers to a fabric with fire retardant and flame retardant properties. It has the characteristics of flame retardant and less smoke. When a fire occurs, it can slow down the spread of fire and reduce the emission of poisonous smoke.

1. The flame retardancy of the flame retardant cloth does not mean that it is non-combustible, but only extends the time of fire.

2. The flame-retardant cloth has the property of not flaming.

3. The flame-retardant fabric also has the characteristics of non-continuing combustion, which depends on the fire conditions and environment.