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wholesale non woven fabric polyester

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05 - 11
What is polyester non-woven fabric and its role
Polyester non-woven fabric​, also known as geotextile, is a water-permeable geosynthetic material made of synthetic fibers by needle punching or weaving. The finished product is cloth, generally 4-6 meters wide and 50-100 meters long.
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02 - 24
Introduction of non-woven fabrics and corresponding industry applications
Nonwoven fabrics consist of fibers, filaments or chopped yarns to form a web, and a sheet that is mechanically, thermally or chemically bonded together. These fabrics are made of different fibers or molten plastics to produce flat perforated plates. They are generally made by bonding or felting. Synthetic fibers are bonded together with heat or adhesives to bond the fabric together. Wool fibers or animal hair are tangled with heat, pressure or humidity to form a wool felt.
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