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06 - 08
The raw material of the mask: non-woven fabric
Non-woven fabrics are also known as non-woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics. Traditional fabrics, whether woven or knitted or other weaving methods, go through fiber-spinning-weaving, and non-woven fabrics do not require the process of spinning, hence the name.
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01 - 13
The use of non-woven fabrics
Non-woven products are recognized internationally as environmentally friendly products that protect the earth's ecology. It is suitable for agricultural film, shoemaking, tanning, mattresses, quilt, decoration, chemical, printing, automobile, building materials, furniture and other industries. It ha
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11 - 30
Non-woven fabric: what are the advantages of wall decoration
Non-woven fabrics are environmentally friendly, moisture-proof, and have long service life. Many friends choose non-woven fabrics when decorating their walls. Today, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of non-woven fabrics before the decoration, and hope to help you.Advantage:Environmen
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