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low price meltblown filter element 

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01 - 26
Wet-laid non-woven fabrics' characteristics
Wet-laid web refers to the production method of "the process of dewatering and forming fibers dispersed in water into a web". It is obviously different from dry-laid and polymer extrusion webs, and the products produced have unique properties.
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07 - 21
Air filter's working principle and filtration process
The structure of the air filter The compressed air from the inlet is guided by the guide plate. The guide plate has evenly distributed oblique teeth similar to fan blades, forcing the fast-moving compressed air to produce a strong rotation along the tangent direction of the teeth, which is mixed in
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06 - 02
the 7th Asian Filtration and Separation Exhibition:Jiaxin Filters successfully participated
As one of the most important filtration and separation exhibitions in Asia today, the biennial Asian Filtration and Separation Industry Exhibition and China International Filtration and Separation Industry Exhibition is not only a platform for technology exchange and trade exchange, but also a wide-
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