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antibacterial and mildew air purification filter material pricelist

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09 - 21
Engine Filters vs Cabin Filters for car
When getting your vehicle serviced, you might not be surprised if your mechanic tells you it is time for your air filter replacement—however, you may be confused if they told you that you need two air filter replacements.
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11 - 15
Why do you need to change the air filter regularly ?
Each air filter has its own initial resistance and final resistance. When the final resistance reaches a certain value, it needs to be replaced to ensure that the air in the environment can reach the prescribed level and avoid affecting production efficiency and quality.
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08 - 19
How does the air purification industry turn the crisis into a new market momentum
The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has brought new opportunities to the air purification market that was previously labeled as "relying on the sky". The air purification industry, which is undergoing a trend of in-depth changes, has encountered the staged impact of the epidemic, and the market h
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