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JM Series Non-woven Fabric


JM series:

 Keywords: JM antibacterial and mildew-resistant bone material nonwoven fabric / air purification filter element filter material / HEPA / breathable can discount high stiffness JM antibacterial and antiallergic bone material nonwoven fabric

Uses: clothing lining \ indoor air purifier / car air filter / air purification /

JM series: Antibacterial and mildew resistant polyester staple fiber wet method nonwoven material (skeleton nonwoven fabric)

By post-finishing the fabric, the product can be endowed with long-lasting antibacterial and anti-mold functions. After testing by authoritative departments, the antibacterial rate of common pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. is above 99%, and the anti-mold level can reach 1 or 0:

(1) Material: PET / polyester staple fiber (polyester staple fiber);

(2) Gram weight: 30-120g / ㎡;

(3) Specifications: conventional width 1.26M, 1.3M, 1.5M, customizable width, maximum width up to 2.6M.

Filter characteristics:

(1) High air permeability and ultra-low wind resistance. After compounding with melt-blown PP, the test proves that the filtering efficiency of the combined product is increased by 10%, and the resistance is decreased by 20%. So that the purification equipment achieves the purpose of energy saving.

(2) Good stiffness. This performance determines that this product has extremely high wind pressure resistance after dense pleating, and it will not be deformed even when a large amount of wind passes.

(3) High tensile strength. The composited material has higher tensile fracture performance, tear resistance and bursting resistance than the woven frame material before composite, so it can greatly improve the service life of the product.