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JF Series Non-woven Fabric


JF negative ion non-woven fabric

Uses: household air filters, air purification, fresh air system home textiles, used in small spaces and negative ion air filtration occasions.

  Air negative ions have been regarded as an important criterion for evaluating the environment and air quality. When people stroll by the sea, waterfalls and forests, they will feel comfortable and relaxed. One of the most important reasons is that the air is rich in negative ions.

   The deterioration of the air environment is mainly due to the imbalance of the positive and negative ion concentration ratio in the air, and the air contains harmful gases and smoke, dust, viruses, bacteria and so on. On the one hand, air negative ions can adjust the concentration ratio of positive and negative ions, and on the other hand, it can also purify the air. Negative ions can make micron-level floating dust invisible in the air. The positive and negative ions attract and collide to form molecular clusters. Landing, and negative ions can reverse the two-stage nature of bacterial proteins, and make the bacteria's viability decline or lethal.

  Negative ion purification of air is characterized by fast inactivation speed and high inactivation rate, and it can inactivate microorganisms, bacteria and viruses on the air and surface of objects.

Gram weight range: 45-120 grams

Features: The use of negative ions to purify the air, dust, odor, sterilization. Combination of active and passive purification mechanisms.