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JBH Glass Fiber Non-woven Fabric


JBH series: glass fiber wet-process skeleton non-woven fabric

JBH glass fiber series non-woven fabric has the characteristics of small thickness, low gram weight, high stiffness and high air permeability. Choosing this product as a support layer can effectively reduce the structural resistance of the filter and replace similar imported products from abroad.

(1) Material: PET / polyester staple fiber (polyester staple fiber), glass fiber;

(2) Gram weight: 45g / ㎡;

(3) Specifications: conventional width 1.26M, 1.3M, 1.5M, customizable width, maximum width up to 2.6M. Roll length 0-1500M can be customized.

Filter characteristics:

(1) High air permeability and ultra-low wind resistance. After compounding with melt-blown PP, the test proves that the filtering efficiency of the combined product is increased by 10%, and the resistance is decreased by 20%. So that the purification equipment achieves the purpose of energy saving.

(2) Good stiffness. This performance determines that this product has extremely high wind pressure resistance after dense pleating, and it will not be deformed even when a large amount of wind passes.

(3) High tensile strength. The composited material has higher tensile fracture performance, tear resistance and bursting resistance than the woven frame material before composite, so it can greatly improve the service life of the product.