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JA Series Non-woven


JA series white / color

Key words: PET polyester nonwoven fabric / air purification / high stiffness and discount-resistant melt-blown support / purifier filter / carbon sandwich / melt-blown support / HEPA

Uses: air filter purifier / initial effect filter / direct discount / pre-filter / indoor air purifier clothing lining medical and sanitary cloth home textile cloth storage and packaging cloth

Product features: This product has good stiffness and ultra-low wind resistance, suitable for composite substrates of various filter materials, liquid filtration, etc. The filtration efficiency can reach G4, its surface area is large, the stiffness is high, the air permeability is good, and the dust holding capacity is high.

  The filter material used in the air filtration industry with carbon cloth has an excellent carbon blocking effect, and can also be used directly in a single layer at a discount for primary filtration. In addition, this product also customized processing of flame retardant, antibacterial, dyeing and other functional materials.


  The characteristics of JA encryption series and J conventional products are compared: under the same gram weight, smaller thickness, less loss of strength and stiffness, greater density of filter material, smaller porosity, and single layer filter material can reach G4 primary filter Efficiency; when used for compounding with carbon cloth, it can effectively prevent the leakage of activated carbon particles.

Conventional indicators:


(1) Material: PET / polyester staple fiber (polyester staple fiber);


(2) Gram weight: 30-120g / ㎡;


(3) Specifications: conventional width 1.26M, 1.3M, 1.5M, customizable width, maximum width up to 2.7M.


Filter characteristics:


(1) High air permeability and ultra-low wind resistance. After compounding with melt-blown PP, the test proves that the filtering efficiency of the combined product is increased by 10%, and the resistance is decreased by 20%. So that the purification equipment achieves the purpose of energy saving.


(2) Good stiffness. This performance determines that this product has extremely high wind pressure resistance after dense pleating, and it will not be deformed even when a large amount of wind passes.


(3) High tensile strength. The composited material has higher tensile fracture performance, tear resistance and bursting resistance than the woven frame material before composite, so it can greatly improve the service life of the product.

JA60 color

Keywords: Encrypted 60g green PET polyester junior high-efficiency air filtration aggregate nonwoven fabric / high stiffness and high air permeability

Uses: clothing lining, medical and sanitary cloths, home textiles, cloth storage, packaging cloth, air filtration.