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J Series Non-woven


J series white / color

Keywords: PET polyester wet process nonwoven fabric / aggregate / HEPA / meltblown composite support layer / polyester wet process nonwoven fabric / air purifier filter / skeleton / HEPA / high stiffness discount resistant

Uses: melt-blown support layer / air filter / air conditioner filter element / air filter paper / filter screen / high stiffness / discount resistance / high air permeability / strong tensile force / fine filtration efficiency / flame retardant medical and sanitary cloth, home textile cloth storage, Packaging cloth, high efficiency air filter compound, clothing lining, medical and sanitary cloth,

J Series: Polyester staple fiber wet nonwoven material (skeleton non-woven fabric)

  The J series is the main product of our company. This series has the characteristics of high stiffness, discount resistance, strong pulling force, high breathability and so on. It can be used as the skeleton support layer material of HEPA / ULPA multi-layer 

composite filter material:

This product has good stiffness and ultra-low wind resistance, suitable for composite substrates of various filter materials, liquid filtration, etc. In addition, this product also customized processing of flame retardant, antibacterial, dyeing and other functional materials.

Gram weight range: 30-120 grams

Width range: 0-2700mm Roll length: customized according to customer requirements

Minimum order quantity: 1000kg

Conventional indicators:

(1) Material: PET / polyester staple fiber (polyester staple fiber);

(2) Gram weight: 30-120g / ㎡;

(3) Specifications: conventional width 1.26M, 1.3M, 1.5M, customizable width, maximum width up to 2.6M.

Filter characteristics:

(1) High air permeability and ultra-low wind resistance. After compounding with melt-blown PP, the test proves that the filtering efficiency of the combined product is increased by 10%, and the resistance is decreased by 20%. So that the purification equipment achieves the purpose of energy saving.

(2) Good stiffness. This performance determines that this product has extremely high wind pressure resistance after dense pleating, and it will not be deformed even when a large amount of wind passes.

(3) High tensile strength. The composited material has higher tensile fracture performance, tear resistance and bursting resistance than the woven frame material before composite, so it can greatly improve the service life of the product.

1. J100 non-woven fabric

Key words: 100g / ㎡PET polyester wet-processed nonwoven fabric / meltblown support layer / high stiffness and resistance to folding hepa

Uses: car air conditioning, household air purification, etc.

2. J60 non-woven fabric

Keywords: 60g PET polyester wet-processed nonwoven fabric / air filtration purification filter / HEPA / high stiffness, discount resistant

3. Color non-woven fabric

Keywords: color non-woven filter paper / air purifier filter material / high stiffness / low wind resistance / discount resistance / HEPA compound

Uses: PM2.5 prevention and treatment of home textiles,

After finishing the fabric, non-woven fabrics with different appearance colors can be customized according to customer needs to meet the individual needs of different customers on different occasions. Special color products require samples provided by customers, which can be produced after being sampled by our company and confirmed by customers.

4. J50 non-woven fabric

Keywords: 50g / ㎡ high-efficiency low-resistance PET polyester air filter skeleton non-woven fabric / meltblown support layer high stiffness discount

5. J80 non-woven fabric

80g / ㎡ junior high-efficiency PET polyester wet process non-woven fabric / HEPA composite / high stiffness discount resistant


Keywords: black carbon cloth / PET polyester wet-process nonwoven fabric / aggregate nonwoven fabric /

Uses: In addition to formaldehyde, odor removal, removal of harmful gases, for the production of protective anti-dust masks, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, pesticide and other heavily polluting industries

Weight: 45-120 grams

Features: It has good adsorption performance, uniform thickness, good air permeability, no odor, and can effectively adsorb various industrial waste gases, such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and carbon disulfide.