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Introduction of activated carbon fiber cloth (ACF CLOTH)

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Activated carbon fiber cloth is a new member of the activated carbon fiber series. It is made of natural fiber cloth or man-made fiber cloth after high temperature carbonization and activation. According to the material, there are two series: viscose base and polyacrylonitrile base. According to the weave, there are two types: plain and twill. It is widely used in various fields such as: solvent recovery, air purification, water treatment, deodorization, deodorizer, catalyst carrier, electrode material, medical care, medical rescue, chemical protection, shielding, etc.

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1. Large specific surface area, well-developed pores and high absorption performance

2. Small air resistance, high strength, not easy to powder

3. Small size, uniform weight distribution

4. Large weight range (70-250 grams/square meter)

Uses: solvent recovery, air purification, water treatment, electrode materials, protective clothing, etc.

Our company supplies products:

Specific surface area: 500㎡/g-3000㎡/g

Width: 500-1400mm

Thickness: 0.3-1mm

Weight: 50-300g/㎡

Features: Activated carbon fiber cloth has the characteristics of high specific surface area, many small micropores, large capacitance, and long service life. It has been widely used in the production of super-capacity capacitors with good results.

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