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How to choose and replace air filter cotton?

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Air filter cotton is a kind of filtering medium. The air filter cotton can filter and purify the pollutant gas, dust particles and exhaust gas contained in the air. 

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So how to choose and replace the air filter cotton?

1. Grasp the main influencing factors for selection, such as high temperature gas, flammable dust, etc.;

2, The filtering performance of the filter cotton should meet the conditions and special requirements in the production process;

3. Gas temperature: The temperature of dusty gas is a very important factor. Generally, the gas below 130℃ is called normal temperature gas, and the gas above 130℃ is called high temperature gas. Therefore, the selection of filter material can also be divided into For these two categories, that is, normal temperature filter material and high temperature filter material;

4. Humidity of the gas: dust-containing gas can be divided into three categories according to its relative humidity. When the relative humidity is below 30%, it is dry gas, when the relative humidity is between 30% and 80%, it is the general state, and when the relative humidity is above 80% It is high humidity gas.

For high-humidity gas, when the gas is in a high temperature state, condensation will occur when the gas is cooled. This will cause the surface of the filter bag to become fouled and clogged, and it is also easy to corrode the material. This is why we need to be extra when choosing Attention;

5. Choose a filter material with a longer service life as much as possible, which can not only save operating costs, but also meet the emission requirements;

6. Price comparison, beware that some unscrupulous merchants use price concessions to sell some inferior products. When choosing, shop around and don’t try to be cheap.

 Method of choosing:

1.One, look at the material

The high-quality air filter cotton is made of organic synthetic fibers with high elasticity, high tensile strength and resistance to breakage. It is matched with high-efficiency and high-quality water-based resin glue. It is manufactured through multiple processing procedures such as dipping, plus layers of increasing fiber density. It is reinforced with high-performance polyester cloth or fiber mesh cloth, so it can prevent any fiber from falling off and leaking. If the filter cotton you use has fiber shedding and lint, it may be the problem of the raw material and manufacturing process of the filter cotton.

2. Weighing

The weight of filter cotton should reach 560-620 grams per square meter. The higher the weight, the better the quality and the better the effect; if the weight is insufficient, the density is not enough, and the filtering effect is greatly reduced. Some manufacturers on the market are trying to save Cost, cut corners and materials, so when buying filter cotton, you should make more comparisons, choose high-quality manufacturers with weight and reputation, and don't just be cheap.

3. Glue content

The filter cotton is divided into two types: surface spray glue and three-dimensional glue spray. The surface glue filter cotton is made by applying glue on the surface during production, and the three-dimensional glue filter cotton is made by applying glue inside. Yes, so the filter cotton with three-dimensional spray glue has a better effect and a longer service life. If the amount of glue is uneven during the production process, the viscosity is small, the glue quality is not good, and the adsorption effect of dust and fibers is poor, the phenomenon of hair loss and slag may occur.

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To sum up, when choosing filter cotton, try to shop around. Don't be greedy for small and cheap filter cotton. The quality of the filter cotton is not up to the standard, which will seriously affect the use of the equipment and fail to achieve the best filtering effect.

 In summary, before choosing, it is still necessary to have a clear understanding and understanding of the air filter, so as to choose the right air filter and avoid blind selection.

When replacing the product, first remove the air inlet, ceiling, filter, carefully clean the ventilation ducts, corners and places where dust is easy to accumulate, then close the door, turn on the fan for air blowing for about 1 hour, and clean it before installing the filter. cotton.

When installing the filter cotton, there must not be any gap between the filter material and the frame and the circumference. First install the ceiling and the air inlet filter cotton, turn on the fan for air blowing for about 4 hours, and perform another cleaning work, then install the ground cotton. Before use.

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