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Horticultural fleece and its uses

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Horticultural fleece is a thin non-woven polypropylene fabric used as a floating mulch to protect late and early crops and delicate plants from cold weather and frost as well as pests during the normal growing season.It lets in light, air and rain, but creates a microclimate around the growing plants, allowing them to grow faster than unprotected crops.

How to useHorticultural fleece

Available in rolls of various widths, the fleece is spread on seeded beds or on top of young plants.If the wool covers the rows, it is called a row covering.If the site is small or not too exposed to the wind, or is buried in a slot trench, the edges can be secured with nails, earthbags, or other heavy objects.It stretches slightly with use, allowing plants to grow.For taller plants grown in rows or clumps, durable wool can be used in a form of "cloche," a small tent structure.When used as wind protection, wool is wrapped or mulched over delicate plants to protect them from frost and cold winds.


  • Extend vegetable growing season by allowing early spring sowing and late autumn harvest

  • Harden seedlings before transplanting

  • Protects winter crops, making them softer and more palatable than unprotected plants

  • Provides additional warmth to critically hardy crops

  • Winter protection of ornamental and fruit trees

  • Protects against pests such as pigeons,rabbits, carrot flies,small and large white butterflies flea beetles, cabbage ringworm and many other common garden pests.

Classification and types of non-woven fabrics

  • Spunbond nonwovens

  • Spunlace nonwovens

  • Heat-sealable nonwovens

  • Melt blown nonwovens

  • Wet nonwovens

  • Seamed nonwovens

  • Hydrophilic nonwovens

Uses and benefits of NWF

In the fashion industry, nonwovens are used in applications such as the manufacture of linings and footwear components, but most importantly, NWF is used in the production of isolation and hygienic protective clothing such as industrial Combustible fabric that filters air to keep dust out and provides an effective barrier against bacteria and viruses.

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