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H13 H14 V-Bank HEPA filter

Material:Ultra-Fine Glass Fiber

Size: Customers\' Require

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Package: Customized/Neutral

Filtration Efficiency: H13,H14

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Place of Origin: CHINA


V Bank HEPA Filter

V Bank HEPA Filter is a high-efficiency air filter with a large load, suitable for constant airflow and variable airflow systems, and can ensure cleanliness requirements above 100,000. Average Arrestance: H10,H11,H12,H13,H14
V Bank HEPA Filter, also known as V Bank, W Bank HEPA Filter, combined high efficiency filter frame is divided into: plastic frame, galvanized frame, aluminum frame, stainless steel frame, commonly used plastic frame combined high efficiency filter.
V Bank HEPA Filter is suitable for use in research and production departments with various processes requiring cleanliness below 100,000 (dust particles <0.5μm). Because this filter has good bacteria filtering performance, it is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and biological Laboratories, hospital operating rooms, food industry, cosmetics industry, etc. It also has a good effect on air purification in offices and hotels. Therefore, for the above occasions, V Bank HEPA Filter can be used as the final filter. It can guarantee the cleanliness requirements above 100,000.


V Bank HEPA Filter product introduction:
V Bank HEPA Filter is a high-efficiency air filter with heavy load, suitable for constant airflow and variable airflow systems. The specially designed thermoplastic rubber spacer can ensure the same pleated layer spacing and ensure that the air flow passes through with the least resistance. At the same time, this design can increase the filter area of the filter, thereby reducing energy consumption and saving operating costs.


Introduction to the parameters of V Bank HEPA Filter



Structure type

Rated Airflow(m3/h )

Initial Pressure Drop(Pa)

Average Arrestance






V Bank HEPA Filter


Single raised flange type 4V




plastic frame, galvanized frame, aluminum   frame, stainless steel frame

PP fiber&
  fiber glass pape

Hot melt glue 

PU polyurethane foam


Single raised flange type 4V



Single raised flange type 4V



Box type 5V



Box type 5V



Note: Special Size Available Upon Request.



Features of V Bank HEPA Filter:
1. Catch 0.3um dust particles, the efficiency is as high as 99.99% or more.
2. The designed air volume can be as high as 4200m3/h, which can be used in a large air volume environment.
3. Reduce installation time and space.
4. Ensure low resistance and reduce operating costs.



V Bank HEPA Filter materials and operating conditions:
1. Outer frame: plastic frame, aluminum frame, galvanized frame, 304 stainless steel frame.
2. Separation of filter material: hot melt adhesive, imported AB adhesive.
3. En1822 efficiency: H10:>85%, H12:>99.5%, H13:>99.95%, H14:>99.995% (Note: customized according to user requirements).
4. Efficiency: H10, H12, H13, H14.
5. Filter material: glass fiber filter paper.
6. Sealant: PU two-component polyurethane glue.
7. Sealing tape: PU polyurethane foam, EVA, neoprene.
8. Continuous operating temperature ≤70°C.
9. The recommended maximum final resistance: ≤600 Pa.
10. Humidity resistance: 100%.



The purpose of V Bank HEPA Filter:
Main filter for clean room, commercial and industrial ventilation system. High humidity ventilation system, large air volume ventilation system. Ventilation system with tight installation space. Frame: Polypropylene filter material: ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper or ultra-fine combined fiber filter paper Sealant: Polyurethane Efficiency: Contract fiber F7, F8, F9, H10, glass fiber F6, F7, F8, F9, H10, H11, H12, H13, H14, U15, U16. A high-efficiency air filter with a large air volume that looks exactly like a computer case. The entire filter is sealed with a metal shell or a plastic shell with a specific sealant (polyurethane glue)! The filter element is made of glass fiber filter paper. The appearance of this filter is regular. Convenient installation reduces installation time and labor of workers. The dust holding capacity is several times that of ordinary high efficiency air filters without partitions, and the maximum designed air volume is also several times that of ordinary high efficiency filters without partitions! This greatly reduces the operating costs of the enterprise! For detailed filter materials, please refer to the information of high efficiency filters without partitions. Use environment: temperature≤80℃. The humidity is below 80%.


V Bank HEPA Filter maintenance instructions:
1. Regularly (usually once every 4 months) use a dust particle counter to measure the cleanliness of the cleanliness area where this product is used for purification.
2. When the measured cleanliness does not match the required cleanliness, the reasons should be found out (whether there is leakage, whether the high efficiency has failed, etc.). If the high efficiency air filter has failed, a new high efficiency air filter should be replaced.
3. Stop the machine when replacing the primary air filter.