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Flame retardant nonwovens are expert in delaying the speed of heat and fire.

Flame retardant nonwovens are expert in delaying the speed of heat and fire.

Flame retardant non-woven media is produced by our unique wet-laid processes, where flame retardants is coated on the surface of the media to delay the propagation of heat and fire.

Flame retardant nonwovens are specialized at limiting the spread of fire, or even extinguishing the fire. The manufacturing

process of flame retardant nonwovens by the wet-laid technology offers precise uniformity and superior quality amongst others.



Product description

Fire-retardant air filters paper are designed to work in extreme temperatures. 

Our flame retardant nonwoven media is infused with flame retardants to provide highly effective passive fire protection solution.

1. Flame retardant fabric, It has the characteristics of fire-retardant and less smoke. When a fire occurs, it can slow down the flame spread time and reduce the emission of poisonous smoke.

2. Flame retardant cloth does not mean that it does not burn, it just delays the burning time

3. Has the characteristics of non-continuing combustion, which depends on the fire conditions and environment.


Product feature

It can be used at stated high temperature for long time

Big media area and high efficiency

◎ 100% factory inspection

◎ Large air flow and low resistance

◎ Wedge shaped pleat design to prevent the filter media from damage

◎ Stability against heat and fire

Suitable for delaying the spread of fire by coating the surface of the product with flame retardant agents

◎ Various weight available

Available in weight ranges from 30gsm to 120gsm

 Colour fall out

Suitable for use in wet conditions by preventing intense colour loss

◎ Free of harmful chemicals

Free of hologens and antimony


Product Usage

1)Single layer filter

Our product could be directly pleated as the Pre-filter layer of HEPA Purifier Filter.The prefilter layer protects the actual fine filter layer from rapid clogging,reduces pressure drop and increases the filter lifetime.

2)Composite filter material

Because melt-blown is very soft and lower stiffness, couldn't be directly pleated. So our product could  be composited with melt-blown(MB), as the support layer of composite filter media(MB+PET), which have the characteristics of low wind resistance, high stiffness, eco-friendly, PM2.5 filter rate reaches 99.5%-99.99%.

3)Multi-layer composite filter material

After composited with PP Meltblown & Activated carbon, these functional materials can absorb industrial waste gas such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and carbon disulfide.Low performance to high performance filters can be manufactured.



Customized Color 


Customized Width 0.8-2.7M


Customized Function


Customized Weight 30-120GSM


Baoji Jiaxin Filter Materials Tech Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is a professional manufacturer of substrate wet-laid nonwoven fabrics in China. Based on comprehension and research to various fibers and long-term technology experience, a set of production equipment and related production technology have been developed. High-specification, high-quality and high-performance products could be produced in batches after years of exploration. We possess ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Certification, RoHS and Reach Test Report, and have ten patents, won the China Technology Association Golden Bridge Award in 2018.

We produce from 30 to 120g/m² wet-laid nonwoven, mixed fiber nonwoven and function non-woven fabrics; three professional production lines, product width 1300 to 2700mm, annual production capacity is 60 million m². Our company has 58 college degree and 16 professional technical personnel, possess the capabilities of product development, technical testing and product warrant tracking.

Our products are mainly as the support layer of air filter, liquid filter and composite filter materials. It is an ideal composite support material for HEPA air filter, suitable for household and cabin air filter, central air conditioner, HVAC system and large-scale indoor cleaning and other industrial, civil and construction fields etc

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