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Fiberglass Mat for Carpet Tiles

The glassfiber mat is mainly used as substrate for the carpet tile.The carpet tile made from this substrate is an ideal decorative material for flooring decoration in domestic residences on account of their characteristics such as toughness appearance,non-shrinkage and non-deformation.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles can be reinforced either with polymer (e.g. PVC, PP) or bitumen backing. Named secondary backing, this one makes up the bulk of the carpet weight, and determines its dimensional stability and stiffness. The reinforcement which is used into the backing construction plays a critical role in the final product performance.

JIATEC with its wet-laid glass mat technologies provides the carpet tiles manufacturers with superior stiffness and dimensional stability to prevent tiles from curling and shrinking.


1.Excellent fiber distribution

2.Very smooth surface

3.Excellent flexibility

4.Good tensile and tear resistance

5.Good dimensional stability

Carpet Tiles.