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Baoji Jiaxin Filter Technology Co., Ltd.,Starting in April 2016, we are a professional manufacturer of non-woven fabrics for wet process in China, Before 2016, we have been engaged in papermaking production for more than 10 years. We have developed and developed a complete set of wet non-woven fabric production equipment and its related production technology based on our long-term accumulated papermaking experience and research on various fiber forming.

After joint development with Chinese universities and long-term production tests, we have been able to produce high-specification and high-quality excellent products in batches, and all kinds of tests of products are in full compliance with international and domestic industry standards, filling the vacancy in our domestic market. At present, we have cooperated with a series of countries, such as Japan, Korea, the United States, and have been recognized by our customers.
We have a rigorous working attitude, strict quality management system and standardized data management
Independent R&D
Production of non-woven aggregate.
The first domestic technology
Wet-laid production technology.
First-class quality
Qualified wet-laid non-woven fabric.

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