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Composite Filter Media

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What Is Composite Filter Media?

Composite filter media contains two or more layers of filtration materials that are combined and bonded together to create a filter media with enhanced functionality designed for a specific industry application.

Many different filtration materials and combinations of substrates can be used to create composites, with each layer providing different filtration properties and physical characteristics.  composites can be designed to meet a variety of needs, including:

Low pressure drop for a given efficiency for electrostatically charged or mechanical filtration or a combination of the two

Increased or gradient dust-holding / dirt-holding capacity

Extended lifetime

Improved dimensional stability and strength

Enhanced processability / pleatability

Combined molecular (gas-phase) and particulate filtration

Increased or decreased hydrophobicity / oleophobicity

Reduced total cost of ownership

What Are Some Common Uses of Composite Filter Media?

H&V offers a variety of composite filter media solutions for specific end-uses. Typical applications for our products include:

Cabin air combination filters (combining particulate and molecular filtration)

Industrial and medical respiratorsbulk high stiffness discount hepa - Jiatecairfilter

Fuel and oil filtration systems

Engine air intake filters

Lube filters

Hydraulic filters

Coalescer filters

Room air purifier filters

Vacuum cleaner filters

Specialty liquid filters

HVAC bag, panel, and V-bank filters

Cleanroom HEPA and ULPA filters

Process liquid filtration systems

Water filtration systems

Microfiltration systems

Innovative line of non-woven fabrics entirely made of micro, nano synthetic fibers and membrane.

These products provide high mechanical resistance and are 100% incenerible.

Synthetic product: efficiencies between F7 / MERV 13 up to H14 or Hepa 99.99%. These materials, electrostatically charged, are able to achieve the required efficiency standards with a pressure drop of about 10 times lower than normal filtering fabrics used.


Membrane is the only non-woven that allows, during post-covid period, to increase protection in HVAC, automotive, passenger transport environments using existing systems. In addition to the speed of action ensured by using existing systems, costs are limited by reducing the initial investment cost.

Innovative line of non-woven fabrics entirely made of micro, nano synthetic fibres and membrane. These products provide high mechanical resistance and are 100% incinerable. Membrane product for Air filtration have efficiencies between H13 up to U15 or Ulpa 99.99%

Membrane is an innovative chargeless filtration technology.

High efficiency with low pressure drop, combined with elevated hydrofobicity and coalescing properties. This average is well appreciated in all areas where boron-silicate fibers are forbidden i.e. semiconductor or food & beverage. All materials can be pleated and offer high performance in terms of machinability.

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