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Characteristics of wet-laid non-woven fabrics

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Wet-laid non-woven fabrics reduce labor intensity in production and increase labor productivity. This technology does not have repeated processing of fiber raw materials, and directly produces fiber products from short fiber yarns, which can reduce energy consumption, save manpower and material resources, and reduce manufacturing costs. Compared with other fiber product manufacturing methods, it has the following characteristics:

1) Environmental protectionWet process skeleton non-woven fabric - Jiatecairfilter

Wet-laid non-woven fabric technology can make full use of existing papermaking equipment, and can be converted into non-woven products without major technological transformation. This technology does not produce dust and harmful gases, and does not discharge waste liquid during the entire production process from material feeding to product storage. It is a practical technology for small paper mills to control environmental pollution and develop new products.

2) Wide sources of raw materials

Wet-laid non-woven fabrics are highly adaptable to raw materials due to their web-forming technical characteristics, so reasonable process design can be carried out according to the final use requirements of the product, and fiber raw materials can be widely selected. In addition to plant fibers, the optional raw materials can also be polyester, polypropylene, vinylon, viscose fiber, glass fiber, etc. These raw materials can be used alone or mixed according to the ratio to give the product special functions. There is no shortage of manufacturers of raw materials in China, with a wide range of raw materials.

3) Wide application fields

Due to its structural characteristics, fiber products such as wet-laid non-woven fabrics are very different from woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. They are basically composed of a fiber network (non-yarn network) structure. As long as you choose different fiber raw materials, different processing methods, and combine different finishing processes, you can make non-woven products with vastly different properties and a wide range of uses.


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