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Car air filters should be checked regularly

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Classification of meltblown composite material

The filter elements of air filter are divided into two types: dry filter element and wet filter element.

Dry filter element material is filter paper or non-woven fabric. In order to increase the air passing area, most of the filter elements are processed with many small folds. When the filter element is slightly dirty, compressed air can be used to clean it. When the filter element is seriously dirty, the new filter element should be replaced in time.meltblown composite material free sample-Jiatecairfilter

The wet filter element is made of spongy polyurethane material. When it is installed, some oil should be dripped and kneaded by hand to absorb foreign bodies in the air. If the filter element is fouled, it can be cleaned with cleaning oil, and the new filter element should be replaced if it is too dirty.

If the blockage of the filter core is serious, the intake resistance will increase and the engine power will decrease. At the same time, the increase of air resistance will also increase the amount of gasoline sucked in, resulting in excessive mixing ratio, thus deteriorating the engine operation, increasing fuel consumption, but also easy to produce coke. Normally, habit of checking air filter element regularly should be developed.

Impurities in the meltblown composite material

Although the oil filter is isolated from the outside world, the impurities in the surrounding environment are difficult to enter the engine, but there are still impurities in the oil. Impurities can be divided into two categories: one is the metal particles worn down by engine parts in operation and the dust and sand entering from the refueling port when supplementing the engine oil; the other is the organic matter in the form of black mud, which is the substance produced by chemical changes in the engine oil at high temperature during operation. They deteriorate the performance of the oil, weaken the lubrication effect, and stick the moving parts and increase the resistance.

The first kind of metal particles will accelerate the wear and tear of crankshaft, camshaft and other shafts, bearings and lower parts of cylinder and piston rings. As a result, the gap between parts and components increases, the demand for oil increases, the pressure of oil decreases, and the clearance between cylinder liner and piston rings is large, the oil moves up to the top of piston rings, causing oil burning and increasing the amount of oil. And form carbon deposition.

At the same time, the fuel is discharged to the oil pan, so that the oil becomes thinner and the oil is invalid. These are extremely unfavorable to the performance of the machine, causing the engine to emit black smoke, serious power decline, forced to overhaul in advance (oil filter function is the same as the human kidney).

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