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Are expensive home air filters worth it

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The role of the air filter.

    The compressed air from the air source contains excessive water vapor and oil droplets, as well as solid impurities, such as rust, sand, pipe sealant, etc. These will damage the piston seal ring and block the components.

   The small vent on the upper part shortens the service life of the components or makes them invalid. The function of the air filter is to separate the liquid water and liquid oil droplets in the compressed air, and filter out the air.

    Dust and solid impurities, but cannot remove gaseous water and oil.

The working principle of air filter

    The structure of the high efficiency air filter The compressed air flowing in from the inlet is introduced into the baffle plate. The baffle plate has evenly distributed helical teeth similar to fan blades to force high-speed flow of compressed air.

    A strong rotation is produced along the tangent direction of the tooth, and the liquid water and oil mixed in the air and larger impurities are separated under the action of strong centrifugal force, thrown on the inner wall of the water cup, and flow to

The bottom of the cup.

    The compressed air, which removes liquid water, oil and larger impurities, is further filtered through the filter element to remove tiny solid particles, and then clean compressed air is output from the outlet. Umbrella water retaining

    The plate divides the water cup into upper and lower parts, and the lower part maintains a static pressure zone, which can prevent the high-speed rotating airflow from sucking up the water and oil at the bottom of the cup. The water and oil accumulated at the bottom of the cup are discharged from the drain valve. The air filter must be installed vertically with the cup down.

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