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Air Filter Pocket F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 Air Conditioning Bag Filter


The bag filter efficiency filter belongs to the F series filter in the air filter. F medium efficiency air filters are divided into Pocket type and non-Pocket type. Pocket Air filter include F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, and non-Pocket types include plate type filters and partition type filters. ,Pocket filter combined medium-efficiency filter. Due to the large windward surface, the large amount of air dust and low wind speed are widely used in various fields.

Medium Efficiency Pocket Air filter standards are mainly divided into five levels of F5, F6, F7, F8, and F9 filtration, which are used to capture 1-5um particle dust and various suspended solids.

Filtration class:F5,F6,F7,F8,F9


Media:air filter cotton media & synthetic air filter media & fiberglass media etc

Frame:aluminum & galvanized & stainless steel


Mainly used in the intermediate filtration of central air conditioning and ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, food, and other industrial purification;

It can also be used as the front-end filter of high-efficiency filtration to reduce the load of high-efficiency filtering and extend its service life;

Due to the large windward surface, the large amount of air dust and low wind speed are considered to be the best medium-efficiency filter structure.

hotels, tailor shops, building materials shops, production workshops, maintenance shops, food and beverage processing plants, farms, restaurants, etc.


The filters adopt special filtering media and reasonable structure to lower the resistance of the falters to the lowest level.



Advanced design, strict quality control, quality of imported media.Large dust holding capacity and stable performanceLarge air volume, low resistance and high efficiency



Bag filters are the most commonly-used air filters in industrial and civil ventilation systems. For these filters, it is the trend for fiber filtering media to replace traditional fiber glass materials.

3.1Replacement cycle

1. Under the conditions of rated air volume, the filter needs to be replaced within 3 to 4 months;

2. Or when the resistance of the filter reaches more than 400Pa, the filter must be replaced;

3. If the filter uses a washable filter material, the replaced filter material can be rinsed with water or a solution containing neutral detergent, dried, and then replaced; cleaning is allowed at most twice, that is, it must Replace with a new filter;

4. If the dust concentration in the use environment is high, the service life cycle will be reduced.

Maintenance of Pocket efficiency filter

Regularly check whether the air inlet surface of the filter is blocked by debris and whether the surface of the filter material is damaged; if something blocks the surface, it should be removed; if the surface of the filter material is severely damaged, it must be replaced with a new filter material or a new filter Re-installation; when installing the filter, ensure that the seal with the frame is well sealed to prevent air volume leakage; do not use heavy objects to hit the surface of the filter, and do not use force to pull the surface of the filter material; when installing , The length direction of the filter bag mouth should be perpendicular to the ground to ensure the filtering effect of the air supply and increase the service life.


Frame customization:Galvanized sheet/ Aluminum Alloys/stainless steel

LOGO customization (minimum order 500 Pieces)

Customized outer packaging (minimum order 500 Pieces)

Pattern customization (minimum order 500 Pieces)

Supply Ability

3000000 Box/Boxes per Month

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging:Standard sea worthy packaging

Delivery:To be negotiated based on quantity