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Air filter meltblown support layer PET polyester nonwoven

Jiatecairfilter's filtration support media are produced via wet-laid process
  1. has excellent uniformity compared to dry-laid process.
  2. offers uniform pore structure, good particle retention and high filtration efficiency 
  3. as a support layer for various types of filters
  4. easily laminated onto Melt-blown layer.

The Jiatec product range offers a variety of high-performance Polyester Wet-laid filter fabrics. They maximize the efficiency and durability of indoor, cabin, HVAC and industrial air filters. Manufacturers who use Jiatec air filter carriers are taking particular advantage of the nonwoven’s unique set of properties: Superior air permeability combined with excellent stability and stiffness.

All Jiatec non-woven fabrics have one thing in common: they can all be used in a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes. The unique set of properties of Jiatec non-wovens facilitates the manufacture of high-quality products whilst supporting design flexibility and process efficiency. One technology – endless possibilities.

JIATEC enhances the effectiveness of air purifier filters, ensuring clean indoor air.

+ Sharp pleats up to 10 cm    + Low pressure drop + Suitable for anti-microbial & anti-allergy treatment  
+ Repels moisture + Suitable for knife pleating   + Highly permeable
+ Flame retardant  + Easy Lamination + Improved dust holding capacity
+ Protective pre-filter + Easy to pleat + Improved filtration efficiency



What is as easy to pleat as paper but much tougher and more permeable? Jiatec Wet-laid non-wovens. Regardless of the pleating method you use, Jiatec nonwoven fabrics are easy to handle ensuring high pleat stiffness for maximum filtration efficiency.

Filter producers around the globe apply Jiatec as carrier material in the manufacture of activated carbon filter media. And they use the Jiatec nonwoven as support layer for particle filter media. Thanks to its high dimensional, the nonwoven can be easily pleated. It adds stiffness to the filter medium. Pleats created with Jiatec as air filter carrier are sharp and stable. The uniform open structure of wet-laid impregnation polyester staple fiber nonwoven guarantees optimal air permeability.



Jiatec is the ideal substrate for a diverse range of laminating materials like Meltblown and Electrostatic fabric, facilitate lamination by means of thermal, adhesive and ultrasonic bonding, to enhance physical or chemical performance of filtration media which can be widely used in pleated filters.

When used in lamination processes, a key advantage of Jiatec nonwoven is that its processing behavior is easy and smooth. Jiatec also helps speed up production by enabling products to be thinner and lighter in weight, yet again contributing to cost reduction and minimizing environmental impact.

Among the applications for which Jiatec nonwoven has proven to be the ideal solution are:

Construction membranes: Membrane manufacturers use Jiatec because they can save on glue and they love the easy processing.

Air filters: Filter producers around the globe have confirmed the optimal processing behavior of Jiatec during lamination and pleating with multiple filter materials. Of course they also love the "bonus" that Jiatec contributes to the filter efficiency.



Thanks to their high air permeability and contribution to pleat stability, Jiatec filter carriers provide a significant reduction in pressure drop. This is a huge benefit in the finished product. Why? Because low pressure drop increases the expected life time of the filter element. And it allows the user of the filter to achieve significant energy savings. This makes our clients products more cost-effective. lf you consider to use Jiatec nonwoven filter fabrics, you can select the right nonwoven from a wide range of different polymer configurations, weights and colors. And we can tailor the roll width and length to suit your individual process requirements and settings.



Time and again, filter manufacturers have confirmed that Jiatec helps them improve the efficiency of their manufacturing process. And that the Wet-laid nonwoven enhances the performance of their finished filter elements.

Examples of characteristics, which make that Jiatec outperforms alternative air filter carriers include:

●More predictable and consistent performance

●lmproved ease of processing

●Superior stiffness and stability facilitating sharp pleats

●Allows higher pleats

●Enhances the air permeability of filter elements

●Reduces pressure drop

●Facilitates waste reduction and energy savings



Even though Jiatec nonwoven filter material’s polyester backing has an open structure, it offers very high density.

So when you use it as a support media in cabin air filters (combi filters), any carbon particles remain inside the filter.



Melt-blown non-woven layers are used in filters for very fine filtration, to remove even the smallest harmful particles from air indoors.

Jiatec nonwoven filter material is bonded as a support layer to provide extra stiffness and integrity to the air conditioning filter.


Product Description


0.24-0.8 mm


Wet laid





Raw Material

100% Polyester




Breathable, Anti-Static, Anti-Bacteria, Tear-Resistant, Easily Pleated




As the melt-blown(MB) support layer of composite filter media(MB+PET)


Product Usage

1)Single layer filter

Our product could be directly pleated as the Pre-filter layer of HEPA Purifier Filter.The prefilter layer protects the actual fine filter layer from rapid clogging,reduces pressure drop and increases the filter lifetime.

2)Composite filter material

Because melt-blown is very soft and lower stiffness, couldn't be directly pleated. So our product could  be composited with melt-blown(MB), as the support layer of composite filter media(MB+PET), which have the characteristics of low wind resistance, high stiffness, eco-friendly, PM2.5 filter rate reaches 99.5%-99.99%.

3)Multi-layer composite filter material

After composited with PP Meltblown & Activated carbon, these functional materials can absorb industrial waste gas such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and carbon disulfide.Low performance to high performance filters can be manufactured.


Filtration support layer for MB HEPA filter

Prefilter of HEPA filter system, HVAC, Air cleaner of Heavy Machinery

Home Air purifier, Automobile air purifier air, conditioner, Vacuum cleaner.

Company Profile
Baoji Jiaxin Filter Materials Tech Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is a professional manufacturer of substrate wet-laid nonwoven fabrics in China. Based on comprehension and research to various fibers and long-term technology experience, a set of production equipment and related production technology have been developed. High-specification, high-quality and high-performance products could be produced in batches after years of exploration. We possess ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Certification, RoHS and Reach Test Report, and have ten patents, won the China Technology Association Golden Bridge Award in 2018.We also provide air purifier filter support layer with the functionality of the antimicrobial (anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-allergic) and deodorant.

We produce from 30 to 120g/m² wet-laid nonwoven, mixed fiber nonwoven and function non-woven fabrics; three professional production lines, product width 1300 to 2700mm, annual production capacity is 60 million m². Our company has 58 college degree and 16 professional technical personnel, possess the capabilities of product development, technical testing and product warrant tracking.

Our products are mainly as the support layer of air filter, liquid filter and composite filter materials. It is an ideal composite support material for HEPA air filter, suitable for household and cabin air filter, central air conditioner, HVAC system and large-scale indoor cleaning and other industrial, civil and construction fields etc.