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Air filter materials' classification

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1. Chemical fiber non-woven filter material:

The scientific name is polyester fiber, commonly known as non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabric has technical characteristics such as wide use, technical maturity, and good stability. It is a typical filter material for coarse, medium-efficiency plate and bag filters in my country. The manufacturing process is made by melt-blown, needle punch, spunlace, spunbond and other processes through multiple processes. Compared with other filters of the same level, it has stable quality, larger dust holding capacity, strong moisture resistance, long service life, and economical Durable and other advantages. However, non-woven fabrics also have some shortcomings, that is, resistance is too large and environmentally friendly (not burned or decomposed). Non-woven fabrics are also the earliest filter materials with mature technology and low production costs. Although new filter materials have emerged in an endless stream in recent years, they are difficult to popularize due to high production costs and high technical standards. Because of this, the non-woven filter material still has an irreplaceable position in the low coarse and medium-efficiency filtration environment due to its low price and high quality. In recent years, due to the continuous progress of technology, the emergence of composite non-woven fabrics has greatly improved the low-cost and low-end image of non-woven fabrics, and can reach sub-efficiency in efficiency. At the same time, the non-woven filter material can also be used for filtering in places where the air cleanliness is relatively low.air filter element - Jiatecairfilter

2. Synthetic fiber filter material:

Synthetic fiber filter materials can fully replace non-woven fabrics and glass fiber covering coarse, medium and high-efficiency (G3-H13) filter products in a general filtering environment. It is an emerging filter material and the main development direction of future filter materials. . Compared with other filters of the same level, it has the advantages of low resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection (can be incinerated), and moderate price. As the domestic processing technology and technical means were relatively backward in the 1990s, the synthetic fiber filter materials at that time were mainly imported. Although imported filter materials have excellent performance and high quality, they are expensive. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's domestic air purification industry and the rapid growth of market demand, some synthetic fiber filter materials produced in China have the characteristics of good performance, environmental protection, and strong stability. At the same time, our customers can enjoy the cost-effective Moderate product.

3. Glass fiber filter material:

Glass fiber filter material is mainly made of glass fibers of various thicknesses and lengths through special processing technology. Because glass fiber has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high efficiency, long service life, and environmental protection. And in some special circumstances, only wave line can do the job. Widely used in bag filters and high efficiency filters of general ventilation systems. Both glass fiber filter media and synthetic fiber filter media are mainly imported. Although the performance is good, there is the actual situation that the price is relatively high. However, glass fiber filter materials are still widely used in places and environments that require high air filtration due to their stable performance, high efficiency, large capacity, high temperature resistance, and long service life.

4. Imported cotton fiber:

Imported cotton fiber is actually a new type of filter material blended with chemical fiber and cotton fiber. It is mainly used for coarse-efficiency and pre-filtration of general air conditioning systems. It is a completely imported filter material from abroad. It has the characteristics of low resistance, large dust holding capacity, light weight, stable performance, economy and environmental protection. It is an ideal product to replace non-woven fabric in the future filter equipment.

5. Activated carbon filter material:

The characteristic of activated carbon is to remove peculiar smell in the air. Activated carbon filter material refers to the activated carbon used on coarse, medium and high efficiency air filters. There are two main forms of activated carbon filter material-granular and activated carbon filter cotton. Because the role of activated carbon is to remove odors, the filtration efficiency is not emphasized. In use. Generally, it must be used with independent coarse and medium efficiency filters. Some activated carbon materials can be regenerated. Therefore, although the price is more expensive than ordinary coarse-efficiency filters, it can still reduce the cost of use if it can be used in a reasonable cycle.

6. Long fiber series:

Chemical fiber, synthetic and glass fiber filter materials all have corresponding long fiber varieties, which are mainly used for filtering 10μm large particles (such as dust) in special occasions (such as spraying workshops). Large dust holding capacity, high capture rate, can be made into filter pad or flat structure, easy to pave and replace, glass fiber and a small amount of chemical fiber varieties can withstand high temperature.

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