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Activated carbon modification method

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As an environmentally friendly adsorbent, activated carbon has strong adsorption and catalytic properties, sufficient raw materials and high safety, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, insoluble in water and organic solvents, and easy regeneration. 

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Organic pollutants such as benzene compounds, phenolic compounds, petroleum and petroleum products, etc. have strong adsorption capacity, and have a strong adsorption capacity for organic pollutants that are difficult to remove by biological and other chemical methods, such as chroma, methylene blue surface active substances, and weeding Chemicals, insecticides, synthetic dyes and many synthetic organic compounds have good removal effects;

In addition, activated carbon also has a strong adsorption capacity for heavy metals in electroplating wastewater and smelting industrial wastewater; it has a clear clarification effect on turbid water, can remove peculiar smell and odor in the water, and also has an excellent filtering effect on bacteria. Therefore, activated carbon has received more and more attention in water treatment.

However, ordinary activated carbon has the characteristics of high ash content, small pore volume, excessively wide micropore distribution, small specific surface area and poor adsorption selection performance, coupled with some restrictions on its surface functional groups and electrochemical properties, making it adsorb pollutants the removal effect is limited, far from meeting the requirements of domestic and foreign markets. 

Therefore, it is necessary to modify its structure and properties to increase its adsorption capacity and ease the pressure of water pollution.

 Activated carbon modification method:

1. Modification of surface physical structure characteristics;

2. Modification of surface chemical properties;

3. Modification of electrochemical properties.

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