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What is air purification

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    Air purification refers to the overall solution of sterilization and disinfection, dust reduction and haze removal, removal of harmful decoration residues and odors to various indoor environmental problems, so as to improve living and office conditions, and improve physical and mental health. Indoor environmental pollutants and pollution sources mainly include radioactive gas, mold, particulate matter, decoration residues, and second-hand smoke.

    1. Photo-catalytic technology: Japanese scientists first discovered that the illuminated TiO₂ single crystal electrode can split water. The photo-catalytic technology was put into use in the 1990s. When air and water pass through the photo-catalyst material as the technical unit, a large amount of hydroxide ion OH, peroxy hydroxyl radical HO2, peroxide ion O2, hydro-peroxide H2O2, etc. are produced through redox reaction. These ions are diffused in the air , By destroying the cell membrane of bacteria and coagulating the protein of the virus, it can decompose various organic compounds and some inorganic substances, and remove harmful gases and odors. The photo-catalytic sterilization mechanisms that have been experimentally proven include: cell penetration, coenzyme A destruction, endotoxin degradation, protein and lipid denaturation and decomposition, and cell mineralization.

    2. Quantitative active oxygen technology: Active oxygen is a mature technology. Active oxygen has been used in the world for more than one hundred years. It can quickly and completely inactivate bacteria. When used reasonably, it is internationally recognized as the most environmentally friendly and most thorough One of the effective purification methods. At the same time, its strong oxidizing properties enable it to react with carbonyl (carbon oxygen) and hydrocarbon (hydrocarbon) compounds such as formaldehyde (HCHO) and benzene (C6H6) to form CO₂, H2O, O₂, etc., thereby completely eliminating the above-mentioned harmful decoration residues. It should be emphasized that the concentration of active oxygen must be controlled when using active oxygen.

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