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What is air purification 3

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    6. Purifying plants: There are dozens of plants such as green dill, begonia, chrysanthemum, spider plant, white palm and so on.


    7. Grafting polymer polymerization technology: Adsorb the problematic substances that produce bad odor and pollution to its own carrier, and produce chemical reactions. By changing the molecular structure of the target substance, the problematic substance is decomposed, so as to achieve powerful and rapid deodorization, purification and purpose. The molecular weight is generally as high as 100,000 or more, and the harmful air and odor molecules in the car are strongly absorbed through the active polymer chain, and then the active functional group is decomposed to effectively eliminate the target harmful substances. After changing the molecular structure of harmful air components, organic substances and water are decomposed. No side effects, safe and reliable. The adsorbed and decomposed substances will not be released again after being processed. Through the grafting and overlapping technology of molecular structure, the grafted and grafted substances form a stable high molecular polymer, which fundamentally solves the problem of lack of stability caused by low molecular structure, and there will be no degradation of product performance over time. Fast adsorption and decomposition speed, large capacity, and low requirements for use environment. This technology was developed by Japan Zhixintang. The technology is mainly applicable to small and confined spaces such as cars. For harmful air, there are: formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, nonenal, lower fatty acid, acetic acid, isovaleric acid, alkaline malodorous substances, ammonia, amines, stupid, toluene, two Toluene, other tvoc total volatiles, etc. Especially to eliminate carcinogens such as formaldehyde in the car, the effect is rapid and powerful.

    8. Ecological negative ion generation chip technology: The ecological negative ion chip highly integrates piezoelectric ceramic negative ion generator and ion converter (Ion converter), which not only realizes the generation of ecological grade negative ions, but also greatly reduces the volume and volume of negative ion products. Thickness is the world's most advanced technology for generating ecological negative ions. The ion converter is an upgraded version of the negative ion converter, and its essence is a pulse frequency intensifier applied to the negative ion generation system. The pulse frequency intensifier can effectively increase the pulsating energy of negative ions, so that the air negative ion functional electrical appliances using this technology can produce ecological grade negative oxygen ions with small particle size and high activity equivalent to nature.

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