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What is air purification 2

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    3. Anion technology: Anion technology is also called unipolar ion flow technology. The generated anion flow absorbs positively charged suspended particles in the air, causing the particles to accumulate and become heavier, causing them to fall out of the gas-soluble state and settle. Negative ions have a sedimentation effect for particles with a diameter of 0.001-100 microns, but for particles less than or equal to 2.5 microns, they are called fine particles, that is, PM2.5. Only high-activity and small particle size negative oxygen ions have a significant effect. The negative ion air purifier uses the characteristic of air diffusion to fill the entire room with negative ions, which can quickly remove dust and reduce dust without leaving dead ends, and the purification effect is more thorough.

    4. HEPA filter: divided into five materials: PP filter paper, glass fiber, composite PP PET filter paper, melt-blown polyester non-woven fabric and melt-blown glass fiber, which can filter particles of specific particle size.

    5. Activated carbon: Activated carbon uses wood chips, nut shells, lignite and other carbonaceous materials as raw materials, and is made by carbonization and activation. There are two types: powder (particle size 10-50 microns) and granular (particle size 0.4-2.4 mm). It is porous and has a large specific surface area. The total surface area is 500~1000㎡ per gram, activated carbon. The purification effect is directly related to the pore size. When the pore size is close to the particle diameter, the purification effect is most obvious. Coconut carbon is a new type of activated carbon whose pore size is smaller than the diameter and the purification effect is more obvious.

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