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What are the characteristics of non-woven wipes

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1: The special structure of superfine fiber enhances the decontamination effect, just wipe gently;

2: Three-dimensional weave method, no dander, more cost-saving;

3: Effectively remove oil, dust, fingerprints, etc., and will not scratch the surface of the object;

4: Effective decontamination without detergent, environmentally friendly and clean;

5: Has super water absorption performance, decontamination while absorbing water;

6: Unique deodorizing and antibacterial treatment, cleaner and safer

      In summary, cloth wipes have a wide range of uses. Generally, they are mainly used for cleaning tableware, tea sets, cooking utensils and other metal, plastic, glassware, etc., without damaging the surface of the utensils; sassafras wipes small dust on furniture, doors and windows; also can be used Make hand towels and bath towels. It is also suitable for cleaning work in homes, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens, food processing plants and other places.

     [Instructions for use] Environmentally friendly non-woven cloth wipes are soft when exposed to water. Once the oil is wiped off, there will be no traces and no damage to the surface of the object. The first use of water immersion desizing, the effect of washing with running water to remove the oil is better, after use, washing and drying can extend the service life.

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