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What are home air filters for

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    Air filter function one: interception

    The dust particles in the air move with the airflow in inertial motion or irregular Brownian motion or under the action of a certain field force. When the motion of the particles hits other objects, the van der Waals force existing between the objects makes the particles stick to the fiber surface. The dust entering the filter medium has more chances to hit the medium, and it will be stuck when it hits the medium.

    Air filter function two: electrostatic function

    For some reason, fibers and particles may be charged and generate electrostatic effects. The filtering effect of electrostatically charged filter materials can be significantly improved. Reason: Static electricity makes the dust change its trajectory and hit obstacles, and static electricity makes the dust stick to the medium more firmly.

    Air filter function three: filter material

    In fact, the air filter is to filter the solid substances in the air, such as iron filings or sand particles, etc., but these substances will damage the piston seal ring, block the small exhaust holes on the components, shorten the service life of the components or make The failure. The function of the air filter is to separate the liquid water and liquid oil droplets in the compressed air, and filter out the dust and solid impurities in the air, but cannot remove the gaseous water and oil.

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