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The opportunities from health industry

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    Under the epidemic, the big health industry has huge opportunities, and the country will also raise the health of the whole people to a new height. The concepts of "big health era", "healthy living", and "healthy home" will be a long time in the future. Keywords. As a health industry, the competitive landscape of the air purification industry is bound to change accordingly. “The scale of the air purification market will increase to a certain extent due to the impact of this epidemic, but it is not certain whether this increase will be maintained for a long time and how long.” For companies, if they do not want to repeat the previous development trajectory, they will just promote the “smog economy”. To become a “viral economy” and once again lose the direction of development after ushering in a short period of vitality, we must take precautions, seize the opportunity in the outbreak and growth brought by the epidemic, and turn the short-term outbreak into market growth momentum. Ye Jing, marketing director of NATHER, said that after every public health safety incident, consumers' concept of healthy consumption will usher in an upgrade. "The Epidemic Reshapes Consumer Habits" pointed out that the epidemic has virtually evolved into an unprecedented national health education, and home appliances related to healthy life will usher in a golden growth period for sales. While looking at the outbreak of the health industry, we cannot ignore the calm analysis of the market. In order to take the lead, it is necessary to establish industry recognition, promote the brand and broaden channels. In Li Jiangqiang's view, he has not only confidence in the health industry, but also confidence in Jianlin Group. He said that the company's layout and investment have reached a new scale this year, and more healthy appliances will be launched in the second half of the year, and these new strategic new products will be released to the market in the second half of the year through industry exhibitions.

    Zhao Jiawei believes that good products are always the foundation of an enterprise based on user needs. However, it is impossible to make products that can truly meet the needs of consumers if it is just "working behind closed doors". Therefore, we must go out, study, visit, visit and cooperate with enterprises in the industrial chain, so as to provide continuous impetus for the development of enterprises in the post-epidemic era. This is why the company will actively prepare to participate in the Shanghai International Air Fresh Air Exhibition at the end of August.

    Speaking of the post-epidemic era, many companies have expressed their desire to respond and continue to expand business channels. Ye Jing believes that a few months after the company’s offline shutdown due to the epidemic, if the company wants to comprehensively and intensively display the latest strengths of the company and products, effectively consolidate and strengthen the relationship with old customers, develop rapidly, establish new customer relationships, and increase visits. To negotiate efficiency and seize the market height after the epidemic, participating in industry exhibitions is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice at the moment.

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