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The importance of air filtration

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    In daily life, the demand for air filters is increasing. The air filter is a kind of air filtering device, which can be used in clean workshops, laboratories and clean rooms, etc., with filtering and dustproof functions. 

The importance of air filtration

1. Prevent dust from blocking the hot and cold coils of the air conditioner;

2. Filter dust particles smaller than 0.1 microns to prevent short circuit of microelectronics;  

3. Protect the health of indoor personnel; 

4. Keep the interior decoration tidy;  

5. Reduce the frequency of indoor cleaning;  

6. Protect indoor valuables such as paintings and calligraphy; 

7. Prevent dust in the air duct-fire prevention measures;  

8. Ensure the production environment, such as food industry, electronics industry, etc.; 9. Filter Bacteria in the air.  


     The types of pollutants in the air can be divided into aerosols, pollutants and gaseous pollutants according to the state of the pollutants in the air; dust: particles larger than 10μm are called dust, particles smaller than 10μm are called floating dust, smoke particles It is very fine, the particle size range is generally between 0.01μm and 1μm; black smoke: the particle size range is generally between 0.05μm and 1μm; fog: generally refers to the suspension of small liquid particles and the size of water droplets in engineering The range is less than 200μm; suspended particulate matter: refers to all solid particles with particles smaller than 100μm in the atmosphere; aerosol: abbreviated as dioctyl ester, which is an organic lipid compound and a commonly used plasticizer. The efficiency of the air filter is the ratio of the amount of dust intercepted by the filter to the amount of dust in the air upstream of the filter. It is the main technical indicator reflecting the filtration performance: filtration efficiency=filter dust collection/upstream.

    Air dust content = 1-(downstream air dust content / upstream air dust content) = (upstream air dust content-downstream air dust content) / upstream air dust content   filtration accuracy: the smallest filter can filter the particle size of the particles is called the filtration precision, the unit is μm, 1μm=00mm, and the hair strand is equivalent to 150μm.

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