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How does the air purification industry turn the crisis into a new market momentum

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    The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has brought new opportunities to the air purification market that was previously labeled as "relying on the sky". The air purification industry, which is undergoing a trend of in-depth changes, has encountered the staged impact of the epidemic, and the market has shown a recovery and even a short-term outbreak. The epidemic has gradually been brought under control, and consumers have passed the panic buying stage, began to place higher demands on air purification products, and returned to the demand for product quality and healthy living. Then, in the explosive growth opportunity brought about by the epidemic, how companies can transform the crisis into new market momentum and promote new changes in the company and the entire market is very important.

    Signs of industry recovery are revealed, and health needs are attracting attention.

    At the beginning of 2020, the sudden new crown epidemic caused consumers to pay attention to indoor air problems. Air purifiers and fresh air products were popular among consumers, and the market scale increased. The data shows that starting from the fourth week of 2020 (January 20~26, 2020), the online sales of the air purifier market have increased significantly, from the fourth week to the seventh week (February 10~16, 2020). ), the online sales of air purifiers increased by 89.8% year-on-year. The online monitoring data of Ovi Cloud Network shows that in April 2020, the cumulative sales volume of Xinfeng Online was 3388 units, with a sales volume of 26.179 million Yuan, maintaining growth for two consecutive months. Various signs indicate that the market is showing an upward trend, and the second half of the year is a good opportunity for new wind companies.

    Recently, the reporter of "Electrical Appliances" interviewed Li Jiang, Marketing Director of China Business Department of Jianlin Group, Ye Jing, Marketing Director of NATHER Lanshe, and Zhao Jiawei, Vice President of Ningbo Tianrui Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. to understand the thinking, innovation and change of air purification industry in the post-epidemic era.

    Li Jiang, Marketing Director of the China Business Department of Jianlin Group, believes that there is a lot of room for the development of healthy homes and comfortable homes. After the epidemic, users’ attention to health has increased unprecedentedly. Not only fresh air, air purifiers, but also water purifiers and other products are Will become the focus of consumer attention. Not only personal needs, but also hospitals, schools and public places have demand for healthy appliances that will continue to heat up.

    This shows that under the influence of the new crown epidemic, the overall domestic air purification market demand is picking up.        With the gradual and effective control of the epidemic, and after the industry resumed work and production, many brands began to adjust product technology and sales layout in response to current market demand. Companies such as NATHER Lanshe, Ningbo Tianrui, Jianlin Group, Panasonic, Broad, Dream Maker, Ludaofeng, Matsui Electric, Edison, Shiteng, Kanghong, and German Bole have all expressed that they will resolutely win this game. In the fight against epidemic prevention and control, we will fulfill our social responsibility and hope to seize this opportunity and work with colleagues to help the industry recover.

    Zhao Jiawei, vice president of Ningbo Tianrui Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., pointed out that during the epidemic, the growth rate of the online market for health appliances was particularly significant. Among them, some consumers inevitably made panic purchases. With the domestic epidemic under control in March, the air quality improved and the market fell. On the whole, he believes that in the short term, “hot money” will inevitably enter this industry for the purpose of chasing wind and profit, but the market will eventually become rational, and the future of the two net products will continue to grow slightly and steadily as the norm. And this kind of steady growth is very promising compared to many traditional industries that have entered stagflation or decline.

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