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Are home air filters recyclable

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    Choose the appropriate air filter reasonably according to the specific situation, the selection principle is as follows:

    1. Determine the efficiency of the last-stage air filter according to the required indoor cleanliness and purification standards, and rationally select the combined stages and the efficiency of each level of the air filter. If the room requires general purification, the primary effect filter can be used; if the room requires medium purification, the primary and medium-efficiency two-stage filter should be used; if the room requires ultra-clean purification, the primary, medium and high-efficiency three-stage filter should be used. Stage purification and filtration, and should match the efficiency of each level of filter reasonably and properly. If the efficiency of the adjacent two levels of filters is too different, the previous level of filter will not be able to protect the next level of filter.

    2. Correctly measure the dust content and characteristics of dust particles in outdoor air. Because the filter filters and purifies the outdoor air and sends it indoors, the dust content of the outdoor air is a very important data. Especially in the multi-stage purification and filtration process, the use environment, spare parts cost, operating energy consumption, maintenance and supply and other factors should be considered when choosing a pre-filter.

    3. Correctly determine the filter characteristics. The characteristics of the filter are mainly filtration efficiency, resistance, penetration rate, dust holding capacity, filtration wind speed and processing air volume. When conditions permit, filters with high efficiency, low resistance, large dust holding capacity, moderate filtering wind speed, large air handling capacity, convenient manufacturing and installation, and low price should be selected as far as possible. This is the need for economic analysis that comprehensively considers one-time investment, secondary investment, and energy efficiency ratio when selecting air filters.

    4. Analyze the nature of dusty gas. The nature of the dust-containing gas related to the selection of the air filter is mainly temperature, humidity, acid and alkali and the amount of organic solvents. Because some filters are allowed to be used at high temperatures, and some filters can only work at normal temperature and humidity, and the amount of acid, alkali and organic solvents in dusty gas has an impact on the performance and efficiency of the air filter.

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