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global air purifier industry:Analysis on market scale and competition pattern in 2020 (4)

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      Air purifier, also known as "air cleaner", air freshener and purifier, refers to the products that can absorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.) and effectively improve air cleanliness, mainly divided into household, commercial, industrial and building. The development process of global air purification industry is mainly divided into three stages, which are in the mature stage. In recent years, the global air purifier market has grown year by year, with a market size of nearly US $8.04 billion in 2019. In 2019, the main consumption regions of global air purifiers are Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, of which the consumption ratio of Asia Pacific is 24.20%, slightly higher than that of North America and Europe. The global air purifier market is subdivided into HEPA, activated carbon, ion filter, etc. HEPA technology occupies the largest market share. The prevalence of air purifiers in developed countries is much higher than that in developing countries, with 70% in South Korea and 40% in Europe.

      From the development of global air purification industry, with the development of air purification technology, the global air purifier industry has roughly experienced three stages: In the 1970s, the stage of market start-up: the 1970s is the stage of market development and the stage of consumption guidance. The market has just begun to take shape, and the air purification industry is only supported by a few manufacturers, which has not yet fully formed a large-scale industry;In the 1980s, the industrial scale stage: in the 1980s, air purification products have been recognized by more and more consumers, and the sales volume has increased rapidly, which has led a large number of manufacturers to join in. The air purification products have rapidly formed a stable market and greatly promoted the industrial scale development;In the 1990s, the stage of industrial maturity: since the end of 1990s, market consumption has become increasingly saturated, especially in developed countries such as the European Union and the United States, the consumption of air purification products has turned to cyclical consumption, and the market has become very mature.

      The market scale of global air purifier is increasing year by year, and the market scale is nearly 8.04 billion US dollars in 2019. 

According to the data released by Grand View Research, the compound annual growth rate of global air purifier market scale in 2016-2019 is 10.8%,and the global air purifier market scale in 2019 is nearly 8.04 billion US dollars. 

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